Emerson/Control Techniques Servo Motors

Emerson Servo MotorsEpsilon EP – Compact, easy to use, and has a powerful standard feature set and performs at low DC input voltages.  The Epsilon EP has models with fieldbus options and motion control capabilities, and is available in three different variants to meet your applications needs. Has a durable housing with small dimensions that is compact enough to fit into cabinets as small as six inches (152mm). Offers many different models to meet whatever simple or demanding applications you have, while opening up a large variety of extra features to make your system as efficient as possible.

  • 12-26VAC
  • 2.2-16.0A rms (4.4-32peak)
  • 1.5 axis servo drive


  • Ideal for servo applications
  • Accepts and analog command signal
  • Sends out position feedback
  • Trimming or advance/decal operations with analog velocity
  • Great for stepper replacements or centralized control systems


  • Home Index and Jog motion profiles
  • Chains up to 16 unique indexes to create complex motion profiles
  •  Index or home functions are possible to then switch to an alternate control mode.


  • PowerTools pro software
  • Can control entire systems up to 32 drives

Epsilson EP Specifications


Digitax ST – Made to be smaller and more flexible to meet today’s demands of productive manufacturing. The Digitax ST is designed with Digitax STbuilt in 1.5-axis motion controller. The Digitax ST can handle high torque, quick integration, and dynamic applications. Handles servo motors, linear motors, linear actuators, and gearmotors. Four product variants allow for a more diverse set of options to meet your servo applications needs (Base, Indexer, Programming, and EZMotion).

  • 230/460VAC
  • 1.7-8.0A rms (5.1-24 peak)
  • Scalable option modules
  • Flexible integration


  • Motion controllers, motion PLCs and industrial PC-based motion systems
  • Digital or Analog technologies


  • For applications using an onboard position controller
  • IEC61131-3 programming
  • Fieldbus, I/O, and Ethernet enable connectivity to other automation components


  • High speed, drive-to-drive networking and additional I/O
  • CTNet and CTSync


  • Easy set up
  • Ease of use and motor performance make it a great drive
  • Drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank setup

Digitax ST Specifications

Unidrive SPOffers a wide power range capabilities.  Controls servo motors and AC induction motors. The Unidrive SP can handle ratinUnidrive SPgs from 0.5 to 2,900Hp and performs well with servo, closed loop vector, open loop vector motors.  Cost effective sizing choices to meet whatever your application requires.  The Unidrive SP offers extra SM-EZMotion, SM-Applications Plus, S-Applications LiteV2, SM-Register option modules.

  • 208-230/460/575/690VAC
  • 2.2-1010A rms (2.3-1515 peak)
  • Universal drive
  • Scalable option modules

Unidrive SP Specifications


Modular Drive System (MDS) – The MDS is a great solution for applications with multiple axes. Modular Drive systems

  • 187-528VAC 
  • 4.0-34.0A rms (8-68 peak) 
  • Power supply for where space is limited 

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