Wika Pressure Transmitter

Wika is pressure measurement pioneer. Wika offers a broad range of custom instrumentation solutions. They currently manufacture over 43 million pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, thermometers, transducers and diaphram seals annually. Their vast offerering of products offer a measurement solutions for most applications.

Pressure Sensors

The pressure sensor is the basic electrical measurement system. Has minimal deformation, and electrical pressure measuring instruments. Due to these two features it does not strain the material and makes the sensor highly dynamic.

Pressure Transducers

Pressure Transducers are a step above pressure sensors due to the fact that the sensor element and housing are in contact and have pressure connection. 10mV and 100mV are typical ranges for pressure transducers.

Pressure Transmitters

Similar to pressure transducers but with additional reset and calibration options. With the extra options for example it is possible for a transmitter with a range of 0 to 400 psi and a range reset 1/10 can calibrate to a measuring range of 0 – 40 psi while giving a full output signal. Some models have logging capabilities, calibration, and tested/reset possible by the control desk or hand terminals.

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