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Industrial Automation Sensors

Pics, Inc. carries a wide range of industrial automation sensors for detection and laser distance measurement. Our motion control sensors are used in the control automation industry to service a wide range of applications.To measure and/or controll the speed of a device, we carry rotary encoders.

We stock inductive proximity sensors, which are used to detect and measure the simple presence or accurate positions of metal objects. Baumer proximity sensors are some of the most widely used motion control sensors in the automation industry today.

Fiber optic sensors from Baumer and Panasonic are a flexible option in which space is limited. These sensors can withstand demanding conditions and are versatile enough for uses in a variety of industries.

Our Baumer photoelectric sensors are ideal for light barrier, background suppresion and diffuse applications and many more uses. To learn more about our motion control sensors, contact us today!

Motion Control Sensors offered by PICS include:

Proximity Sensors

These sensors are used to detect metal objects. View More


Photoelectric sensors are used in wide array of applications. These applications include high response times or high resolutions. View More

Laser & Laser Distance

Laser photoelectric sensors are used where a small spot size is required or a distance measurement is required. View More

Fiber Optic Sensors

Fiber Optic sensors are utilized where real estate is a premium. These fibers have the ability to operate in the toughest environments and the size of the sensor or sensor detection area is of utmost importance. View More

Encoders & Tachometers

Encoders are used to determine position of rotational or linear applications. View More

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