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Dynisco is an industry leader in pressure and temperature measurement and control instruments for the plastics industry. For over 60 years they have built some of the highest accuracy pressure measurement devices at high temperatures. By offering a wide variety of materials they are able to deal with most corrosive and abrasive environments. Dynisco offers a wide range of instruments to control and display both temperature and pressure. Dynisco's products along with their suberb accuracy, are easy to install, and are incredibly user friendly. Also a complete offering of burst plugs, mechanical gauges round out their product offering.

Pressure & Temperature Sensors

Pressure Sensors - Dynisco sensors have been developed as excellent measurement solution for plastics extrusion, molding, and process control applications, and come in mV/V, mA, VDC, and HART-compatible melt pressure sensors. Dynisco has over 60 years experience producing and advancing their pressure sensor technology, making their sensors a perfect solution for any sensing application. Their transducers are capable of high accuracy pressure measurements while withstanding the most corrosive environments. Many of Dynisco's pressure transducers and transmitters have temperature measurement capabilities, this increases the sensors overall accuracy by compensating for temperature changes in the sensor. Dynisco allows you to customize your own sensor to perfectly fit your specific application, and if you have any questions regarding these customizations, here at PICS we will help you find exactly what you need.

  • Melt Pressure Sensors with mV/V Outputs
  • Melt Pressure Transmitters with mA Outputs
  • Melt Pressure Sensors with Voltage Outputs
  • Smart Transmitters (HART)
  • Digital Outputs
  • Quick Start Packages
  • Injection Molding

Temperature Sensors - Dynisco offers a wide range of temperature sensors, including melt temperature devices that accurately measure temperature in the melt stream. Their products are perfect for the extrusion and polymer processing industries. They also offer temperature sensors paired with pressure sensors to work with varying levels of temperature, this added level of technology increases the overall accuracy of the product. They offer standard melt thermocouples to specifically designed thermocouples that are made for more advanced applications. All of their instruments are designed to be compatible with Dynisco’s other product lines making overall setup quick and easy. Overall Dynisco offers superb sensors that read temperature with excellent accuracy.

  • Retractable Melt Thermocouples

Pressure & Temperature Instrumentation - Dynisco offers high quality discrete, auto-tuning controllers that are perfect for applications such as polymer melt pressure or temperature on a plastics extruder. Dynisco will provide you with an instrument that is reliable, and perfect for your application. These products feature bright displays that are read easily from a distance. All of their devices are completely configurable allowing for an increased area of functionality. Also they offer process indicators that can display a large range of thermocouple, voltage/current, and strain gauge inputs. Both of these devices have optional versions that add additional functionality for processes that require simultaneous monitoring pressure and temperature. Dynisco’s instruments offer a wide range of customizability for any process; these customizations include control capabilities, digital communications, process and instrumentation diagnostics, and other features. These devices are all around exceptional machines that can be made for any application that you may have, call us at PICS, and we will dedicate ourselves to helping you find the perfect instrument for your process.

  • Temperature Controllers
  • 1392 Temperature Indicators
  • Process Controllers
  • Process Indicators
  • Extrusion Machine Controllers
  • Strain Gage to DC Transmitter
  • Analyzers/Material Properties Testers
  • Melt Flow Indexer (LMI4000 Series)
  • Capillary Rheometer (LCR 7000 Series)
  • Online Rheometer (Viscosensor)
  • Continuous Melt Rheometer (CMR IV)
  • Flow Characterization Rheometer (FCR)
  • Limiting Oxygen Index Analyzer (LOI)
  • Laboratory Mixing Extruder (LME)
  • Electronic Block- Reblock Tester

Service and Support - Along with support from Dynisco, we here at PICS  also dedicate ourselves to our customers, offering expert support, and trouble shooting, to help solve your problem.

  • Expert consultation 
  • Custom design solutions 
  • On-site equipment diagnostics and trouble-shooting 
  • Transducer repair and maintenance ∙ Installation services 
  • Operator training for equipment ∙
  • System repairs, replacement parts, preventive maintenance and more

List of Most Popular Pressure and Temperature Measurement Instruments

PT460 Series- These sensors are great for melt applications that need quickly installed, and provide repeatable and reliable results.


  • 3.33mV/V, 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc and 0-10Vdc outputs
  • 500 to 30,000psi models
  • Combined error of ±0.5%
  • Flexible and rigid stem lengths
  • RTD and thermocouple configurations
  • Available jam nut configurations


  • Customer defined configuration
  • Abrasion or corrosion protection is increased
  • Range specific extrusion process
  • User defined compatibility
  • Easy setup

Dynisco also offers instruments to match with their pressure and temperature sensors making selection an allover quicker process.

1/8 DIN Pressure/Process Indicators


  • mA, Vdc, and strain gage inputs
  • mA and Vdc linear retransmission
  • Dual configurable alarms and field scalable display
  • UL and CE approved
  • Peak and Valley detection
  • Transmitter power supply
  • Communications RS485 with MODbus/jbus are optional


  • User logging trends
  • Versatile process monitoring
  • Meets measurement indication requirements
  • Meets US requirements
  • Powers two and four wire transmitters
  • Optional remote data retrieval

¼ DIN Temperature/Process Indicators andControllers


  • TC, mA, RTD, Vdc, and strain gage
  • mA and Vdc linear retransmission
  • Secondary digital display
  • Field scalable display
  • UL, cUL, and CE approved
  • Peak and Valley detection
  • Communications RS485 with MODbus/jbus are optional
  • Optional secondary input


  • Meets US requirements
  • Recall of extremes of the process
  • Optional transmitter power supply
  • Optional remote data retrieval
  • Optional display of pressure and temperature simultaneously
  • Versatile process monitoring
  • Logs process trends
  • High or low process peak values can be captured

Dynisco offers top of the line transducers and transmitters that are amazingly accurate (±0.15% combined error) and superbly reliable. Dynisco brings you ultimate control to your extrusion process.

PT420 Series-


  • ±0.25% combined error
  • 3.33mV/V output
  • Many flexible and rigid stem lengths
  • Several diaphragm materials
  • Thermocouple and RTD configurations
  • Jam nut configurations


  • Standard low level output
  • Range specific extrusion processes
  • Provides ideal high temperature measurement
  • Customer defined configuration
  • Corrosion and abrasion protection

Dynisco offers a family of pressure transducers and transmitters for the for the food and medical applications, and all of these sensors meet requirements of the FDA and USDA.

NaK Filled Series-


  • ±0.25% or ±0.5% combined error
  • Special fill material
  • Inconel 718 diaphragm
  • Stability and reliability
  • 3.33mV/V output
  • 500 to 10,000 psi versions
  • Many different rigid and flexible stem lengths
  • Thermocouple and RTD configurations
  • Welded assembly


  • Possible to use in high temperature applications
  • USDA and FDA requirements met
  • Ideal high temperature measurement
  • Customer defined configuration
  • Available dual pressure and temperature measurement
  • Wash down capability

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