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PICS, Inc. proudly distributes ABB® AC drives. ABB® drives are known for their reliability in harsh conditions and their long, trouble-free lifetime. Whether your application requires exposure to extreme temperatures or moisture, ABB® products can help increase productivity and reduce costs. Combined with the expertise of ABB® Engineering, ABB® drives provide an innovative and durable solution for any application. Common industries that can use ABB® AC drives include offshore & marine, oil & gas, mining & minerals, pulp & paper, hygienic processes, and more.

Advantages of ABB® AC drives:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Some models can be power washed
  • Improve energy efficiency in your facility
  • Cut costs/optimize productivity

ABB® AC Drives available:

  • ABB® ACS 150 Series - ABB micro drives are designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of machines such as mixers, conveyors, fans or pumps or anywhere a motor needs to run at variable speed.
  • ABB® ACS 255 Series - ABB micro drive ACS255 with 600 V AC supply offers easy to use and compact solutions for general purpose low power applications, such as; screws, mixers, pumps, fans and conveyors.
  • ABB® ACS 380 Series - ABB Machinery Drive is ideal for machine building thanks to its robust and compact design, good motor control performance and built-in functions such as safe torque off (SIL 3) and embedded machine control functions like mechanical brake control.
  • ABB® ACS 580 Series - Low voltage AC drives ABB general purpose drives ACS580, 1 to 700 HP
  • ABB® ACS 880 Series - ABB’s all-compatible drives are designed to provide customers across industries and applications with unprecedented levels of compatibility and flexibility.

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