Unitronics Programmable Logic Controller Systems

Unitronics is one of the industry pioneers introducing an All-In-One control solution package. They have integrated an HMI Touchscreen and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) into a one source package therefore reducing the cost of ownership, wiring and panel space. With a single programming environment and advanced communications options it allows you to program with ease. Unitronics offers many lines of PLC/HMI devices with varying capabilities. This gives you the choice to decide on what features would suit your application the most effciently. If you have any questions regarding what PLC would be the best for you we would gladly answer these questions here at PICS.

 Unitronics built-In advantages consist of:

  • Data logging on data tables and SD cards (on enhanced models)
  • Trends
  • Alarms
  • String Library
  • PID Auto-tune and control algorithms
  • Pulse train output (PTO) on some models
  • With Ethernet card remote M2M monitoring and control.

Unitronics Software available includes:

All software is free.  No Licenses unless you create them for your program.

  • VisiLogic - HMI + PLC Application Programming
  • UniVision Licensing - Create and burn a license into a hidden sector in the PLC.
  • Remote Operator - Enables you to use a PC to view and work with a remote controller's HMI
  • UniOPC  - for SCADA  or other OPC supported programs
  • Remote Access – An enhanced Remote Operator
  • DataXport – Access Data Tables within local or remote Unitronics PLCs.
  • DDE, .NET and Active X.


  • User designed screens and a multitude of images pertaining to your application
  • HMI graphing and trending
  • No need to waste time connecting with a PC for troubleshooting, it is possible to perform it right on the HMI display
  • The larger screened models offer built in alarms


  • Temperature and weight measurements perform with superb accuracy and speed 
  • Auto tune PID varying in loop capacity between the models
  • Recipe programs and data logging through data tables


  • SMS messaging
  • MODBUS protocol support
  • Many other communication features that vary between the different models

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