Belt & Screw Driven Actuators

PICS, Inc is a proud distributor of Macron Dynamics, who manufactures mechanical motion components and systems, including linear robotics products and automation systems. Macron’s products are typically used for defense/aerospace, manufacturing, packaging and medical/pharmaceutical applications. PICS, Inc. offers belt driven actuators, screw driven actuators and multi-axis systems. Questions about these product offerings? Contact PICS today!

Belt Driven Actuators

Macron belt driven actuators offer both horizontal and vertical motion actuators, capable of traveling up to 500 feet with speeds of 600 in/sec. They can also accurately handle loads up to 10,000 lbs. Features include

  • Reinforced corrosion resistant belt
  • Proprietary extruded aluminum beam with T-slots
  • One-piece stress proof shafted pulley

Screw Driven Actuators

Highly modifiable, Macron screw driven actuators provide a simple and economical solution for lighter loads.

Multi-axis Systems

Macron offers two and three axis designs satisfying the specifications of any time, space, or size of your application. Macron offers gantry and cartesian systems to meet your specs. Bonuses include flexible motor mounting plug-in play functionality, and cable management.

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