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Process Heating & Control Sensors

Pics, Inc. carries a variety of process heating and controls, including band & cartridge heaters, tubular industrial process heaters, and temperature controllers.

We offer four different series of band and cartridge heaters from Tempco. We carry screw plug immersion heaters and flanged immersion heaters. Our temperature controllers are easy to setup and easy to read.

To learn more about our process heating sensors, contact us today!

Band & Cartridge Heaters

Band heaters are used to clamp arount a pipe or tube in order to add heat to a process. View More

Tubular Industrial Process Heaters

Industrial tubular process heaters are designed for the purposes of dirrect immersion. View More

Strip & Cast-In Heaters

Strip heaters can be made with or without heating fins. The fins are used to transfer heat to the air in close proximity to them. View More

Temperature Controllers

Temperature controllers are offered in a wide array of variations including single channel and multi-channel versions. View More

Temperature Transmitters/Signal Conditioners

A signal conditioning device designed to take in either RTD's or thermocouples and convert the output to either a milli-Amp or Voltage output. View More

Thermocouples & RTD's

Thermocouples and RTD's are temperature measuring elements used to determine accurate heating or cooling zones for process temperature control. View More

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