Power Supply Units

Power control transformers are important components to operate supply of power to the control and automation systems. That is why we carry three of the best manufacturers: Turck, Murr Elektronik and Puls.

Murr's line of galvanic isolated power supplies built with either top or side mount rectifiers and electronics, protect the electronics allowing them to meet tough protection requirements. Puls offers single and three phase buffering power modules.

We offer custom automation services to help you solve the current needs you may have to set up your automated system.  Our experianced engineers can provide integration and design solutions for the power supply units we carry.

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Murr Electric

Murr offers a complete line of galvanic isolated power supplies. View More


Puls has been dedicated in providing Din-Rail powre supplies, DC/DC converters and DC-UPS batteries and buffer modules. Their offering includes both single phase and three phase buffering power modules. View More

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