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Banner is a global leader in industrial and process wireless automation. Their products can operate in extreme environments and cut down costs by cutting out exspensive wiring. Operations can now be monitored, and controled remotely with Banner's wireless devices bridging the gap. Sure Cross I/O systems operate with a gateway controller, and a few nodes that can be setup in remote locations to monitor and/or control your application. 


 DX70 Point-to-Point Models:

Point-to-Point is the simplest form of wireless I/O technology.  The DX70 Family offers most beginners an easy path to installation and start-up with direct I/O mapping. The DX70 features a system of two radio devices and configured I/O, these devices are able to run in most evironments where it is neccissary for you to monitor your process.

Wireless Q45 Sensors:

The Q45 is the first self enclosed wireless photoelectric sensor. This means that there are no wires, no cordsets or a need for external power. These devices are made for challenging monitoring and control applications. They are also easily setup, and Banner offers a tutorial video to speed up setup even more. With two differing gateway models, the Q, and the B2Q series, you can either have a two point system or up to a six point system of sensors.

Performance Gateways and Nodes:

These Gateways are master devices controling input to output mapping autonomously in a star topology. Have an increased range in the 900 MHz frequency band.  Performance Gateway and Nodes offer increased range with a 900MHz frequency. The nodes consist of analog, discrete temperature and serial nputs and outputs. Systems are available in both 900MHz and 2.4GHz depending upon your requirements. SureCross Performance Gateways and Nodes Offer high density I/O, up to 12 discrete inputs or outputs or up to four temperature inputs Analog inputs can be field selectable, either voltage or current.  Made to work with your SureCross Performance Nodes but can also be made to work with other DX80 nodes.

MultiHop Modbus Radios with I/O:

 SureCross MultiHop Radios Offer extended range, more than conventional Sure Cross Performance Radios. These MultiHop Radios can act as a master radio, repeater or a slave radio SureCross DX70 Point to Point Radios Offer remote data acquisition Offer bidirectional I/O for ease of installation.

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