Danaher PMA Controllers

West Partlow West Control Solutions
was formed by the Danaher Corporation by combining Partlow, West Controls, Cal Controls, and PMA.  Partlow is now the brand for measurement data acquisition. Their temperature control line was combined with West Controls to forming a wide range of standard controllers under one brand. All of the merging companies have been making high-quality devices for over 90 years. They provide high-performance products for the plastics, packaging, and food and beverage industries. Cal Controls offers a series of controllers for simple economical applications.  PMA controllers are for complicated applications requiring high-end functionality. They offer single and multiloop controllers, indicators, limit devices, and transmitters. West Control Solutions' offers products that are accurate, stable, and reliable. This makes their products an excellent solution for applications that require high levels of accuracy. If by any chance you have any questions about your device West Controls Solutions has a team dedicated to helping you with your problem, and we at PICS will also dedicate ourselves to our customers' needs.

Single Loop PID Controllers

  • CAL Controls CAL3300 1/32 DIN Autotune Temperature Controller
  • CAL Controls CAL9300 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature Controller
  • CAL Controls CAL9400 1/16 DIN Dual Display Autotune Temperature Controller
  • CAL Controls CAL9900 1/16 DIN Autotune Temperature Controller
  • PMA KS Vario Modular Controllers
  • PMA KS40-1, KS41-1, and KS42-1 Temperature and Process Controllers
  • PMA KS90-1 and KS92-1 Temperature and Process Controllers
  • PMA Rail Line KS45-1 DIN Rail Mount Temperature and Process Controller
  • WEST Controls Plus Series P6100, P8100, and P4100 Single Loop PID Controllers
  • WEST Controls Plus Series P6170, P8170, and P4170 Loop Valve Motor Drive Controllers
  • WEST Controls N6600 and N8600 Single Loop Controllers for Plastics Applications

Multiloop PID Controllers

  • CAL Controls CALogix DIN-Rail Mount Modular PID and Logic I/O Control System
  • WEST Controls MLC9000+ Multiloop DIN-Rail Mount Modular I/O Control System
  • Digital Controllers with Set Point Programming Capabilities
  • CAL Controls CAL9500P 1/6 DIN Programmable Process Controller
  • CAL Controls eCAL Compact 1/16 DIN or 1/8 DIN Temperature and Process Controller
  • PMA KS51-1 and KS52-1 Temperature and Process Controllers with Set Point Programming
  • WEST Controls N4400 1/4 DIN and N6400 1/16 DIN Profiling Controllers
  • WEST Controls ProVU4 Advanced Temperature and Process Controller and Profiler

Limit Controllers

  • WEST Controls Plus Series P6700, P8700, and P4700 Limit Controllers

Digital Indicators

Circular Chart Recorders

  • Partlow MRC5000 10" Circular Chart Recorders
  • Partlow MRC7000 10" Circular Chart Recorders with Control
  • Partlow MRC8000 12" Circular Chart Recorders with Control and Set Point Programming
  • Partlow MRC9000 VersaChart 12" Circular Chart Recorder and Multiloop Controller

Accessories and Software

  • CAL Controls CALComms Configuration and Data logging Software
  • CAL Controls CALgrafix Charting, Logging and Configuration Software
  • CAL Controls CALview Automation Tools for Developing HMI and SCADA Applications
  • CAL Controls CALopc Server Software for SCADA Connectivity
  • CAL Controls CALpoll Customization Software for Software Engineers
  • CAL Controls CALconfig OEM Programming Rig

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