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Industries Served

The core business of PICS, Inc. is the application and sale of industrial automation and machine control products and services. We engineer custom assemblies to meet all your control/electrical needs. Our goal is to serve our customers by the most effective and efficient means available. We are proud to say that PICS, Inc. is a leader in the design and implimentation of controls and electrical equipment.  We have developed an integrated process from research and development, design, engineering, production and manufacturing to offer market service and support to a wide range of industries. We currently serves the following industries:

OEM Specialty Machines

Often this industry requires the most precise tools in order to produce machinery to the most stringent specifications. Our wide variety of products and manufacturers can provide you with the proper tooling. Contact one of our representatives today to ensure the best product for your need.


In the high speed world of packaging, products need to be extremely accurate and efficient at: folding, sealing, gluing, scanning, alligning, and monitoring all of your products. Pics Inc. offers motion controllers, sensors, PLC interface, and pressure transmitters (to name a few), to maintain this delicate process.

Food and Cosmetics

Our wide range of products can assist in the often complex process of working in the food and cosmetics industry from the raw materails to the retail market. A combination of our products, including Baumer and Unitronics offer industry optimization within production, processing, storage, filling and bottling processes as well as hygienic safety.


Our Level Measurement products enable a contamination-free, contactless and safe detection of any media with direct indication of the current measuring value even with the most diverse tank geometries.


Pics Inc. supplies products that can provide reliable scanning of a wide range of necessary measuring values that are crucial to the textile production industry, such as: speed detection, calculation of speed ratio, yarn bobbin diameter control, cloth width control, etc.

Plant Construction

Applying to a wide range of individual industries, our products can be used in the construction of plants, and foundries with the proper saftey protocols.


Manufacturers such as Baumer and Encoders, can make harnassing wind and solar energy more efficient through the implementation of Sensors and Encoders that can withstand the elements.

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