Sixnet Ethernet Switches Distributor

Pics, Inc. proudly distributesSixnet Logo industrial Ethernet managed and unmanaged switches and wireless cellular modems from Sixnet.  Sixnet’s products are noted for their robust design and enhanced features giving you a combination of the best of the industrial and commercial market place.  The falling cost of Ethernet and wireless products has placed remote connectivity as a viable feature to be included in OEM production machinery.  The results are reduced employment and travelling expenses.


Sixnet Ethernet Switches Distributor

Sixnet’s industrial ethernet switches combine advanced performance with rugged reliability to provide a “best of both worlds” solution for many of today’s industrial applications. Our hardened switches are ideally suited for harsh and outdoor environments that include power substations, Smart Grid, military, utility, transportation and other industries where real-time performance under extreme operating conditions is required. Built-in redundancy coupled with advanced security and network management ensures the infrastructure stays up running while providing tools for monitoring and tracking. Ethernet switches are available in 4 types.

  • Heavy-duty rugged Ethernet switches provide enterprise-class networking to support extreme environments
  • Rugged, reliable Ethernet switches support industry-standard industrial applications
  • Robust edge devices provide cost-effective networking for a multitude of industries
  • MIL-spec IP67 compliant Ethernet switches are ideal for harsh environments and OEM board-level solutions simplify custom switch development

Sixnet Cellular Modems

With Ethernet and serial interfaces, cellular modems cost-effectively connect PLC’s, machine controllers and other remote devices to a central site or SCADA server.

Industrial Cellular Modem Highlights

  • Lower total cost of ownership eliminates remote site visits
  • Rugged, compact design facilitates connectivity in space-constrained locations
  • Seamless integration of serial devices into IP simplifies deployment
  • Built-in security provides infrastructure protection
  • -40 to 75°C operating temperature
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) options
  • CDMA or GSM
  • Dynamic or Static IP addresses
  • Built in GPS available

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