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Custom Automation Products & Systems

We provide high quality automation products and services to our customers, and we only select vendor partners that provide quality products. Pics, Inc. currently serves a wide range of industries, including: Packaging, OEM, Specialty Machines, Food & Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Boiler & Cooling Towers, Plastics, Textiles, and Power & Energy.

We carry a variety of automation products and motion control systems, from motion controllers & drives to sensors and pressure transmitters.

Pics, Inc. is an industry leader in high precision motion control products, providing expert technical assistance. Our AC drives are built for today's demanding industrial environments, and our DC drives are widely used in applications that require regeneration and precise speed control.

We stock a wide range of sensors for metal detection and laser distance measurement, including photoelectric sensors and proximity switches. Our pressure transmitters are used to detect the level or pressure of a substance to determine process control. Choose between the world's largest pressure measurement manufacturers: Dynisco and Turck.

Whatever your industrial automation or machine control products need, contact us and let us know how we can help!

Motion Controller Drivers

AC Drives, DC Drives, Servo Motors and Drives, Stepper Motors and Drives, and stand alone Motion Controllers. View More


A wide range of sensors for detection and distance measurement used in the control automation industry. View More

PLC & PLC Interfaces

A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is the backbone of processing intricate algorithms to allow machine automation to operate at a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. View More

Motor Controls and Operators

Lovato Electric offers motor controllers and operator products for industrial automation for over 88 years. View More

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves offer a price competitive solution for most fluid control applications. Products range from on/off to diverting designs. View More

Power Supplies

Highly reliable power supplies for industrial applications. View More

Transmitters & Transducers

Pressure transmitters are utilized to either detect the level or pressure of a substance so process control decisions can be performed. View More

Process Heating and Controls

We offer a vast array of heating products and technologies to provide customers with a turn key package. View More

Wireless I/O & Process Control

Wireless technology is utilized to connect remote devices including sensors and controllers using a cost effective alternative. View More

Remote Access

Remote Access capabilities allow customers to download, upload or debug remote operations. We offer a number of pivitol designs from cellular technology, line of site or internet applications. View More

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