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Motion Control Drives

PICS Inc. is an Industry Leader in providing technical expertise with high-precision Motion Control Drives. We specialize in Stepper Motors and Servo Drive Automation.

Our AC drives consist of V/Hz and Open Loop Vector--the two most widely used today. Our DC drives are used in applications that require dynamic performance and constant torque over a wide speed range. And our Galil Motion Control offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective motion controller that works with both step motor and servo motor systems.

Stepper Motors are motors that convert electrical pulses into mechanical steps. They are accurate and precise but lack speed and torque compared to other motor types.  Low-speed operations such as 3d printing, CNC Machines, and robotics use Stepper Motors.

Servo Drives monitor feedback and are great for high-performance capabilities. If Precise control, high speed, and dynamic response are not critical, a simple stepper motor or other alternatives may suffice.

Low Voltage Drives and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are used in automation to control the speed of electric motors. 

Low Voltage Drives - These devices regulate the voltage to the motor to control the speed.  Imagine the accelerator in your car, when you press down, you make the car go faster, and when you release, you slow the car down.  Low Voltage drives are analogous to electricity in electric motors.

Variable Frequency Drives - VFDs are a type of Low Voltage Drive that control the speed as well as the frequency of the electricity supplied to the motor. To use the same analogy, now you're adjusting the car's engine instead of just pressing the gas pedal. With this, you can control the speed of the car more precisely.

Adjusting the voltage or frequency allows you to achieve the desired speed for your automation equipment. This allows precise control over various processes, optimizing energy usage, improving workplace efficiency, and opening the door for greater customization. 

Additionally, we provide custom automation services to help you expedite the setup of your current project. We specialize in the integration and design of motion control drives that we supply.

Motion control Drives are systems that use motors, sensors, and algorithms to control the movement and positioning of machinery precisely. Some benefits of Motion control drives are:

  • Accurate and efficient motion control
  • High-speed operations
  • Precision positioning
  • Synchronization of multiple axes

Our Motion Control Drives are often used in industries such as manufacturing (OEM), packaging, and automation.

Motion control drives calculate and control motor speed, torque, and position with high precision. This allows your business to maintain fast production cycles as well as overall performance.

A key feature of automated Motion control drives is the increase in productivity, coming from reduced downtime, optimized process control, minimal errors, and high efficiency.

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