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SensorTec is a world leader in the innovative sensor solution market. They provide temperature sensing elements including RTD's and Thermocouples. SensorTec provides the highest quality sensors, and are working everyday to yield a higher quality more effiecient, and effective designs for your industrial process. They have in house capabilities to design a product that fits perfectly to your application.

  • SensorTec provides a vast range of Resistance Temperature Sensors (RTD's) for most applications.  These industries range from food, pharmaceutical and dairy applications to the most demanding process applications. Their RTD's are made in three specific temperature ranges "L', "M", and "H". 

"L" Series - The L Series offers a cost effective and tough probe suitable for industrial applications. It is highly accurate, stable, and flexible, as well as super durable to shock and vibration.

"M" Series - The M Series offers the same functionality as the L Series but has an extended temperature range.

"H" Series - The H Series uses a fully supported, strain free wire wound sensing element encapsulated in a compacted MgO insulated metal sheathed cable. This allows the probe to be used in extremely demanding applications. It delivers highly accurate results, and is very durable when subjected to shock and vibration.

  •  SensorTec offers thermocouples in three different configurations, Mineral Insulated (MGO), industrial thermocouples using rare earth metals and tube & wire.  Please allow us to offer a custom sensor for your most demanding applications.

Industrial Thermocouples - These thermocouples that Sensor Tec offers are used in high temperature applications such as metal processing, heat treating, glass manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and refineries. PICS INC will help you find the right thermocouple for your application today.

Mineral Insulated Thermocouples - Sensor Tec's thermocouples are insulated with MgO (magnesium oxide), and meets and exceeds ANSI/ASTM standards. Mineral Insulated Thermocouples offer many beneficial characteristics such as high accuracy, and thermal shock and vibration resistance. MgO insulated thermocouples are a great solution for any application that requires a high performance thermocouple.

  • SensorTec also offers Insertion type thermocouples and RTD's for use in the food and meat smoking industries.  These probes are manufactured in a unique way to allow the tip of the probe determine the internal temperature of the food it is monitoring. These probes are made with the highest quality materials, and are crafted perfectly for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical probes.

Plastics/Packaging Industry – SensorTec offers high quality sensors for the packaging and rubber industries that are efficient and reliable. They offer these sensors in a Standard Thermocouple, and RTD configurations. They have many styles, sheath sizes and materials that give you a variety of customizations. All of their bodies are constructed of stainless steel that gives the sensors resistance to the harsh environments of the industrial industries.

Food, Dairy, and Pharmaceutical Probes – SensorTec provides top quality sensors that are suited perfectly for the food and beverage industries. They are made of the highest quality materials because they understand that these processes require high accuracy, and very hygienic devices. To prove their cleanliness they comply with the 3-A Symbol Council Authorization # 74-00.

Temperature Transmitters and Instruments – These temperature instruments are for head or rail mount applications. Temperature transmitters receive an input signal temperature from a sensor signal, and convert that information into a current output proportional to the input signal. They are offered in DIN rail mount, head mount, and local indication.

Wires and Accessories – SensorTec offers a line of cable, wire, and accessories for temperature sensing. SensorTec, and PICS will work together with you to find what wire/cables you will need for your Sensors, RTDs, and projects.

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