MURR Elektronik

Murr elektronik is your wire harness connection experts.  They offer control cabinet wiring expertise and offer power supplies, Ethernet switches and DC power control.  Recently they introduces both an active and passive field buss interfaces.  Some of these interfaces include ASi, InterBus, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Desina, Profinet and Profibus.  Most of the fieldbus modules are available in an IP67 construction.  The interfaces offer a number of advantages over conventional wiring:

  • Simplified planning
  • Reduced cost and time of installation
  • Shorter commissioning
  • Simplified troubleshooting

MB Redundancy Balance

This device offers maximum machine availability, and is designed with redundancy using separate units. Increased machine availability
is key in the success of your industrial process.

  • 50:50 Auto Balancing Is Ensured
  • Each Input Has Signal Contact
  • Channel-specific status indication with LEDS
  • Low power loss, 87% less than conventional diode modules

MB Cap Ultra

Offers great reliability and stability in power supply systems. Can save precious time when voltage fluctuations occur, which could lead to programs being lost or the machine being damaged. This device buffers power supplied to the system preventing voltage fluctuations.

  • Prevents Voltage Fluctuations
  • Buffers a load current of 40A at a nominal current of 24V DC for 3.6 seconds
  • Highest system availability possible
  • Extremely Cost-Effective


This device offers a power supply system with maximum efficiency. Its rating is up to 95%, cutting power loss ratings in half compared to other 90% efficiency models. Longer lifetime due to less the fact that it loses less power decreasing the heat released by the device.  

  • Supports Startup
  • Optimizes Overload Behavior (100% nominal current or 150% in power boost mode)
  • Many Different Models (Output Voltages of 12V, 24V, 48V)

Exact12 M12 Distribution Blocks

This device is a cost effective solution that comes in various versions. There is a choice between two cable qualities, four different cable lengths, and pluggable and molded caps. These devices are completely modular allowing for easy transport of the device. These completely customizable and movable devices are also made of a strong housing that is very resistant to shock and vibration. 

MVP 12 Metal Distribution Block

If your process takes place in a harsh environment these distribution blocks can stand up to them with its superior metal housing. Resistant to cooling lubricants and oil, and can stand up to the rugged environments of plant construction and mechanical engineering. There are a number of other types of wear that this device can stand up to like extreme temperatures. This device is proven to work in these conditions, and if these conditions sound familiar PICS will deliver this durable product to you.

Murr Cube 20 Fieldbus I/O

Cube 20 is a fielbus I/O station; it can also be integrated with the Cube 67 I/O system. This I/O system has been designed to comply with modern control cabinet wiring, and also its cuts costs down by the Cube20 which has 32 channels per I/O module saving space and adding flexibility. 

Cube 20 Fieldbus I/O Station

This Fieldbus I/O station allows for a very high channel density in limited space, for example it is possible to place 488 I/Os on just 35” of DIN rail. There are many models featuring digital and analog input and output models. Another added feature is the capability to changes buses without changing the system. If there is a problem with the system there is an easy to use tool that tell you the problem directly on the module, making troubleshooting and setup painless, and in all reducing costs by cutting out down time.

Cube67 Distribution Block

The Cube67 I/O device features a system that combines IP20 and IP67 protection, giving this I/O device some added robustness and the durability to stand up to harsh industrial environments. The I/O layer spreads radially throughout the application starting at the bus coupler. The setup of this device is simple because it has hybrid cable connections for power supply and communication between individual components.

Insulation Displacement Connectors

These IDC’s terminate cables with M8 or M12 connection quickly and easily. They are perfect for rugged environments and have an IP67 rating. The overall main feature of these devices is the ease at which they terminate cables. There is a minimal amount of tool usage when setting the up and it takes 50% less time than it takes to install a traditional screw terminal. These connectors can be tightened with minimal effort only need your hand to do so.

M12 Steel IP69K Cables

These cables are an excellent wiring solution for the food and beverage industry. These cables can stand up to wash downs, and the caustic and acidic chemicals used to sanitize instruments in the dairy, meat, and frozen food manufacturing facilities. On top of these rugged features the cable can stand up to temperatures of 105 degrees Celsius.

Valve Cables and Connectors

These cables and connectors work with solenoid valve systems and can cut down upfront costs of installation. These items are rugged and feature robust housings that give them a long life, and the clever connector option reduce the amount of cabling and the time to install it, both of these features cut down the costs while completing your system.

Murr MVK

This device is a Fielbus module with IP67 protection; it also reduces the need for expensive wiring costs, and terminal boxes. This device is setup close to the process establishing connections to the sensors and actuators located in its proximity. It also is a rugged device that can stand up to some harsh industrial conditions; this is due to its tough metal housing.






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