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PICS INC. is a proud distributor of Baumer Products. Baumer is a leader in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders and measuring instruments.  They are known for their quality and state-of-the-art technology offering customers greater reliability and reduced downtimes. Baumer offers non-contacting inductive proximity sensors for automation solutions. Baumer's facilities hold more than 2,500 employees, multiple production plants, and sales branches all over the world; Baumer is always within the reach of the customer. Their products are put through rigorous tests, and the accuracy of their products is exceptional. The inductive sensors that Baumer makes are highly reliable even when subjected to high pressure and above normal temperature conditions. Baumer is always striving to make a better more efficient product for their customers, and here at PICS we offer customized support tailored to whatever application you are working on, such as:

  • Contact-less operation
  • Highly accurate
  • Highly repeatable
  • Specialized measurement capability

Baumer Sensors

Baumer offers two types of sensors: 

Sensors for presence detection or object counting:

  • Baumer distance measuring products can measure precise distances up to 1000mm with resolutions of 2 nanometers.

Sensors that measure object distance:

  • Accurate detection of sound deflecting, absorbing, and irregularly shaped objects.
  • Detects stacked sheets of paper and newspapers, all independent of color, or the direction of the product.

Proximity Sensors

Baumer's inductive proximity sensors are some of the most widely used sensors in the automation industry. These sensors are used to detect and measure the simple presence or accurate positions of metal objects without contacting the target. These sensors can be used in a wide array of automation processes. Baumer electric is one of the first manufacturers to produce inductive non-contact proximity sensors and proximity switches. Baumer also offers Capacitive sensors for non-metallic items and magnetic sensors for detecting linear and rotational movement.

Photoelectric Sensors

Baumer's photoelectric sensors are used in a wide array of applications. These applications include high response times or high resolutions. Baumer Electric’s top-quality photoelectric sensors only require a power source. They independently perform amplification, output switching, modulation, and demodulation.  Baumer offers many different sensors to fit your applications perfectly these include, differential sensors, light barriers, color and contrast sensors, and optical fibers. Photoelectric sensors have made great bounds in sensor technology and continue to do so.

Laser Distance Sensors

Baumer's laser photoelectric sensors are used where a small spot size is required or a distance measurement is required. Laser distance sensors are made for high precision applications while keeping pace with the high operating speeds of your process. They are primarily made for dimensional measurements of your products having many benefits over using camera sensors. A few are that they have a much larger range ie. they can be placed meters away from what you are measuring.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Baumer's Fiber Optic sensors are utilized where real estate is a premium. These fibers have the ability to operate in the toughest environments and the size of the sensor or sensor detection area is of utmost importance. Different sizes are available to fit the space that you require your sensing device to be positioned. Fiber Optic sensors do not require the usage of electrical currents to sense objects, increasing the overall safety of the device. Fiber optic sensors are lightweight and can save a great deal of space also.

Rotary Encoders

Baumer's encoders are used to determine the position of rotational or linear applications. Baumer offers absolute, incremental, and heavy-duty encoders. From super compact encoders to encoders that can handle some of the harshest industrial conditions, Baumer offers this and more.

Clever Fork Level Switch

(CleverLevel LBFS/LFFS Switch)  This product solves the problem with traditional level forks, these problems being inconsistent measurements due to the nature of pasty materials, and coarse granular items such as grains that get lodged into the forks. With the clever switch, this problem is solved and these sensors will continue to provide high yielding accurate measurements. These are also very hygienic and are approved for the food and beverage industry. This sensor can tackle any kind of detection task because it can reliably measure many kinds of media.


The VeriSens is an image processing system that is compact and shaped like a sensor. They are very accurate and are used where quality inspection is needed. These devices can read text, 1D, and 2D codes for identification tasks, Presence checks for check and sort applications, and they can inspect and identify products for complex inspection tasks. These systems use a program called FEX that allows the device to function normally under changing light conditions.

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