Baumer Photoelectric Sensor & Light Barriers

PICS, Inc. partners with Baumer Electric, one of the world’s leading automation and machine control products manufacturers, to offer a vast range of photoelectric sensors. If you are seeking a sensor to detect distance, presence, or absence of an object, the cost-effective variety we provide through Baumer Electric fills your need. Many of these photoelectric sensors are used in industrial manufacturing applications.

Other applications include:

  • Light barriers
  • Background suppression sensors
  • Diffused sensors (proximity sensing)
  • Analog distance sensors
  • Registration mark sensors
  • Clear object sensors
  • Color sensors
  • Through beam sensors
  • Measurement light curtain sensors
  • Distance Sensors
  • Shape/Position sensors
  • Object Counting
  • Positioning

Baumer Electric’s top quality photoelectric sensors only require a power source. They independently perform amplification, output switching, modulation and demodulation. At PICS, Inc., we are always on hand to answer any customer questions, as we dedicate ourselves to customer service.

Series 25 Photoelectric Sensors:

The new series 25 photoelectric sensor has an excellent sensing range as well as a super compact housing that gives you more freedom of machine design. Also they will not interfere with your process because their range allows for them to be placed outside of the hazardous area.

0300, 0500 Photoelectric Sensors:

These are the newest sensors offered from Baumer, they come in two different versions the 0300 being the miniature version, and the 0500 being the larger version, but both are equals in performance. These devices utilize a system that allows for no extra receiver/reflector. This technology is called SmartReflect, and it is one of the many technologies that make Baumer sensors some of the best.

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