Fiber Optic Sensor Systems

Fiber optic sensors are most often utilized when space is a premium. PICS, Inc. carries fiber optic sensors through our vending partners Baumer Electric and Panasonic. These fibers have been created and assembled to operate in the harshest environments. This power to withstand severe conditions leads to a long-lasting, cost-effective sensor. In addition, fiber optic sensors are unaffected by potential electromagnetic interference. All of these qualities lend to fiber optic sensor systems being some of our most flexibly applied products therefore useful in industries across the board.

At PICS, Inc., we pride ourselves on our vigilance of state of the art, high quality products. You can count on it: we look to offer the most advanced fiber optic sensors and systems on the market. Find out more about Baumer Electric’s and Panasonic’s sensor systems by clicking below.


Baumer Electric offers a comprehensive line of plastic fiber optic sensors. View More


Panasonic offers the industry most diverse offering of fibers and fiber amplifiers. View More

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