Photoelectric & Photo-Eye Sensors

Pics Inc., provides an extensive inventory of photoelectric sensors, or photo-eyes. Commonly used for applications in industrial manufacturing, a photoelectric sensor is used to discover the absence, distance, or presence of an object by using a light transmitter and a photoelectric receiver. We have teamed up with Baumer and Panasonic to provide three varying types of photoelectric sensors: proximity-sensing (diffused), retro-reflective, and opposed (through beam).

These sensors most often use an infrared light transmitter, and a photoelectric reciever (photo-eye) to detect the presence of an object, absense of an object, or its distance in a multitude of industrial manufacturing applications that include high response times or high resolutions.


Baumer Electric is a premier partner to provide you with the right solution for your toughest photo electric application. View More


To satisfy the diverse needs of our customers, Panasonic offers a wide variety of photo electric sensors to choose from. View More

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