Dynisco Sensors & Instrumentation Distributor

Dynisco is an industry leader in pressure and temperature measurement and control instruments for the plastics industry. For over 60 years they have built some of the highest accuracy pressure measurement devices at high temperatures. By offering a wide variety of materials they are able to deal with most corrosive and abrasive environments. Dynisco offers a wide range of instruments to control and display both temperature and pressure. Dynisco's products along with their suberb accuracy, are easy to install, and are incredibly user friendly. Also a complete offering of burst plugs, mechanical gauges round out their product offering.


Dynisco Pressure Sensors

Dynisco pressure sensors have been developed as excellent measurement solution for plastics extrusion, molding, and process control applications. View More

Dynisco Temperature Sensors

Dynisco offers a wide range of temperature sensors, including melt temperature devices. View More

Pressure & Temperature Instrumentation

Dynisco offers discrete, auto-tuning controllers for polymer melt pressure or temperature on a plastics extruder. View More

Service & Support

PICS offers expert support and trouble shooting, to help solve any issues you may encounter with your Dynisco products. View More

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