Laser Distance Sensors & Accessories

Laser‐View Technologies, Inc,  laser distance sensors and accessories, laser‐sensor based turnkey solutions, and technological expertise for a wide range of industrial measurement and control applications:  

Laser Technology Industries

Our technology can be used across a wide range of industries including

  • Hydro Industry
    • Floodgate Position
  • Materials Storage
    • Silo Level
  • Materials Handling
    • Crane Position
  • Materials Handling
    • Collision Monitoring
  • Construction
    • Structural Monitoring
  • Paper Industry
    • Size Control
  • Automation
    • Storage & Retrieval
  • Steel Industry
    • Production  
Why Lasers?

Range, accuracy, and durability are the factors setting laser sensors apart from other measurement technologies. First and foremost, laser technology offers long‐range (0.05‐500 meters) capabilities and highly accurate (±1.0 mm), non‐contact measurements—important advantages in many industries. And because measurements are taken via laser light, there are no mechanical parts, strings, or cables to wear, break, or stretch. Measurements can be obtained regardless of most target characteristics (color, texture, motion, temperature), and laser sensors do not scratch or mark delicate surfaces or contaminate sterile materials. Other advantages include the ability to measure precisely in difficult‐to‐access locations (such as a silo or well), a variety of configurable data outputs at a cost comparable to other rugged measurement technologies

Dimetix Laser Overview

Key Specifications

  • 0.05-500 m range
  • 0.1 mm resolution
  • Up to 1.0 mm accuracy
  • Digital/analog/serial outputs
  • On board data processing
  • Class II eye‐safe laser
  • IP 65 protection class

Key benefits

  • Indoor/outdoor operation
  • Complete unit in one housing
  • Heater option available
  • Economical and rugged
  • No moving parts
  • Non‐contact measurement
  • Natural surface targets

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