Valcor Solenoid Fluid Control Product Distributor

PICS INC is a proud distributor of Valcor products. Valcor designs and manufactures fluid control valves for the most rigorous applications.  It all begins in a state of the art facility which allows a staff of engineers and manufacturing team to test a product fully to exact customer specifications.  These facilities house CNC machining and turning centers to a fully automated welding complex. Not only do they work solely in the Industrial area they also make valves for Aerospace, Nuclear, and Scientific Industries. They specialize in solenoid driven fluid control devices, and have over 18,000 designs, and they have a specialized team that will work with you to create a perfect solenoid valve for your specific application. All of their products offer very high reliability.

Solenoid Valves

Valcor Scientific specializes in a solenoid driven fluid control systems.  Valcor offers a wide selection of custom seal materials, NEMA rated coiled housings, and electrical voltages all suited for a vast range of industrial applications. With over 18,000 design parameters, the engineering staff can craft a custom valve for almost any application.

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