Crouzet Motors, Switches & Relay Distributor

PICS, Inc. is proud to be a distributor of Crouzet products. Crouzet, a brand of InnoVista Sensors™ offers a wide range of control, motor and switch products. Expert in their field, Crouzet brands have always focused on innovation to bring their customers the right product for the right application and to fit their expectations in terms of quality, reliability and services. At PICS, we can customize your Crouzet products to meet your exact application.

Supported by an experienced technical team, Crouzet Automation is a pioneer in the simplification of programming.  The brand offers the easiest-to-use and most adaptable alternative automation solution for specialized and demanding needs.


  • Time Delay Relays
  • Temperature Relays and Counters
  • Control Relays
  • Syrelec Timers and Control Relays
  • Pneumatic Product Range


  • DC Mind Brush Motors
    • Motors O 42
    • Motors O 63
    • Geared Motors O 42 & 63
  • DC Mind Brushless Motors
    • Motors TNi21
    • Motors SMi21
    • Geared Motors TNi21
    • Geared Motors SMi21


  • Limit Switches
  • Sealed Switches
  • Manually Operated Switches
  • Microswitches
  • High-Spec Switches
  • Door Switches

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