Programmable Logic Controllers

At PICS, Inc, we provide programmable logic controllers (PLCs)  along with HMIs for your control system. We carry PLCs from top manufacturers including Panasonic, Sixnet and Unitronics. The Panasonic controllers are the smallest programmable logic controllers on the market, featuring temperature control, motion interpolation and basic timer control standards. Our touchscreen displays, also known as human machine interfaces (HMI), provide control over process variables on a sharp and clear display. Our staff of qualified engineers can help you select and design a custom control system that incorporates our PLC and HMI products. 

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A PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is the backbone of processing intricate algorithms to allow machine automation to operate at a high degree of repeatability and accuracy. View More

Touchscreen Displays

HMI or Human Machine Interface gives operators the ability to change or display process variables. These devices gives a two dimensional view inside a PLC. View More

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