Unitronics PLC

PICS, Inc proudly distributes programnmable login controller (PLC) products from Unitronics, an industry pioneers offer the All-In-One control solution package. They have integrated an HMI screen and PLC into a one source package, which reduces the cost of ownership, wiring and panel space. With a single programming environment and advanced communications options it allows you to program with ease. To order your Unitronics PLC, get a quote from PICS today!


 Built-in advantages consist of:

  • Data logging on data tables and SD cards (on enhanced models)
  • Trends
  • Alarms
  • String Library
  • PID Auto-tune and control algorithms
  • Pulse train output (PTO) on some models
  • With Ethernet card remote M2M monitoring and control.

Available Software:

All software is free. There are no licenses unless you create them for you program. Software available includes:

  • VisiLogic - HMI + PLC Application Programming
  • UniVision Licensing - Create and burn a license into a hidden sector in the PLC.
  • Remote Operator - Enables you to use a PC to view and work with a remote controller's HMI
  • UniOPC  - for SCADA  or other OPC supported programs
  • Remote Access – An enhanced Remote Operator
  • DataXport – Access Data Tables within local or remote Unitronics PLCs.
  • DDE, .NET and Active X.

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