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PICS INC. is a proud distributor of Applied Motion Products. Applied Motion Products, founded in 1978, specializes in cost effiecient, high speed motion control products. They offer a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gear-heads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base. Applied Motion Products offers standard devices to meet the needs of your application. If your application requires a more spealized product, they will engineer a product to fit your needs. Applied Motion Products along with their motion cotrollers offers a number of powerful programming tools at no cost. This includes SI Programmer, a program that is used for stand-alone applications, and has a user friendly point and click set-up, no prior experience needed. Other programs included are Q Programmer: used for creating pratical, and functional programs that Q-drives run, Configurator: setup and configuration for STAC6 and ST drives,  and Quick Tuner: configuration of AMP servo drives.

Stepper Motors:

Applied Motion offers a massive line of two-phase, hybrid step motors, offered in a variety of sizes, and differing torque capabilities. These motors are specifically designed to work with other Applied Motion stepper drives to perform things like high torque, high-bus voltage operation, and micro stepping. Applied motion products are great devices that will increase your systems performance, and functionality, combining all of their devices will make your process perform at its maximum capabilitites.

  • Nema 8 to Nema 34
  • Unique Nema 24 motor
  • Hybrid and High Torque
  • Encoders and Modifications available

Stepper Drives:

Applied motion offers two-phase, bipolar step motor drives with control option ranging from step & direction, CW/CCW pulse, A/B quadrature pulse, digital and analog velocity including joystick operation, and streaming serial commands, to the stand-alone execution of stored programs using either Q Programmer or Si Programmer. On top of these feature Applied Motion stepper drives offer advanced control with microstep emulation,  microstepping, torque, and anti-resonance ripple smoothing, all these powerful features boost the performance of your system.

  • Line driven or DC bus
  • Programmable drives with 3 programming languages available
  • Pulse and direction or analog input
  • Programmable I/O
  • RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet/IP and CAN-Open communications

Integrated Stepper Motors:

These devices fuse the step motor and drive into one single device. Overall the design is made to cut down costs by reducing the need for expensive wiring, and also cutting down on precious space. Offered in NEMA 17, 23, 24 frame sizes, these drives are great if space is hard to find, and cost effectiveness is key.

  • Nema 17 to Nema 24
  • Unique Nema 24 motor
  • Encoders option
  • CAN-OPEN available on Nema 24
  • 2 programming languages available
  • Compatible with SI-hub

Servo Motors:

These motors are high-torque brushless servo motors in metric and NEMA frame sizes. Listing one of the many series that Applied Motion has to offer the M series comes in many different sizes, 40, 60, 80mm. These motors also have a 2000-line incremental commutating encoder, and an IP65 rating for the motor body. Another line the V series comes in NEMA 17, 23, and 34 frame sizes also with a 2048-line incremental commutating encoders. All of these servo motors are designed to work optimally with Applied Motion servo drives increasing the over ease of setup, and entire efficiency of your system.

  • 50 to 750 watt
  • Nema or metric mount

Servo Drives:

The servo drives that Applied Motions has to offer come with a variety of options including step & direction, CW/CCW pulse, A/B quadrature pulse, analog torque and velocity, and streaming serial commands, that send information the program of your choice between Si Programmer and Q Programmer. These drives also come with Quick Tuner, which increases the setup speed of your drive to your servo motor.

  • Line driven or DC bus
  • Programmable drives with 3 programming languages available
  • Pulse and direction or analog input
  • Programmable I/O
  • RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet/IP and CAN-Open communications

Brushless DC Drives:

Applied Motion DC drives provide excellent performance and ease of use with cutting edge technology. They provide high speed stability, basic velocity control, simple setup and low cost compact designs, all the features necessary for high performance applications.  Analog or digital inputs control a wide range of speeds, and built-in trimpots make setup quick an easy. All of these drives are made to work flawlessly with other Applied Motion DC  motors.

  • Velocity Control
  • Simple Setup
  • 1.75 A rms cont., 3.5 A rms peak
  • 12-48 VDC
  • 8 digital inputs, 1 analog input
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Performance matched motors

Brushless DC Motors:

Applied Motion DC motors have a long life and require little maintenance and can handle applications that require stable velocity control over a long range of speeds. They are also offered with optional gearheads for high torque applications, along with many metric frame sizes. Applied Motion DC motors are made to work seamlessly with other Applied Motion servo drives adding to your system another area of effectiveness.

  • Brushless design for long life
  • Low maintenance
  • 42 mm frame size
  • Peak torque to 1.15 in-lb
  • Hall signals for velocity feedback
  • Compatible with BD5 brushless drive

Precision Gear Heads

  • Nema 17, 23 or 34
  • Metric mounts available
  • Fast delivery on standard ratios

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