Control Techniques:
Motion Control Products

PICS INC. is a proud distributor for Control Techniques' products. Control Techniques is a leading manufacturer of AC, Servo and DC drives that save energy, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.  With their Solution Modules, Control Techniques solves the most demanding commercial and industrial applications requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency. Many of their drives can connect with a large range of motion controllers through I/O, or decdicated communication networks. Control Techniques offers AC drives, DC drives, Serco drives, Servo motors, Drive systems, and Soft starters.  Within these categories they offer many differing models that add a wide variety of differing features. All their products offer innovative solutions for demanding industrial processes and applications. 

Motor Control Products:

AC Drives

Control Techniques offers Unidrive M – This is just one of many Control Techniques' AC drives, and it is their newest model. These drives are manufactured for ease of use, and to provide specific functionality tailored to whatever your application may be.  These drives feature the newest technology with over thirty patents pending, this device is the on the brink of drive technology.

DC Drives

Control Technique's DC drives, although being outdated by newer AC drives, still continue to provide a driver that functions with great efficiency. Replacing old DC drives may prove to be a too expensive option, and upgrading your DC drives will cut costs down, and save you money. Control Techniques offers high quality, and high efficiency DC drives that are suited to whatever application you may have.

Servo Drives

Control Techniques has Servo Drives that at the cutting edge of performance and flexibility. They connect too many motion controllers through onboard I/O or other communication networks that you may utilize. An added feature, these drives can integrate a motion controller that takes control of the automation system. Servo motors usually have two duties, pulse, and continuous duty. The pulse duty devices tackle high accelerations and decelerations, and the continuous duty drives offer high precision over long period of time.

Servo Motors

Control Techniques servo motors are high quality motors, that have feedback, and many configuration options. One example being the NT motor, this motor has an advanced design that allows for a compact footprint, high torque, and low inertia.

Drive Systems

Control Techniques offers high quality customer service along with expert consultation about your engineering needs. Here at PICS we also we contribute to helping you find the perfect product from Control Technique to complete your application. Whether it be a question about the design of your process, or a question about the software pertaining to your device we will work hard with you to answer these questions.

Soft Starters

The Soft Starters offered at Control Techniques are named the Digistart line. They are flexible soft starters that offer great protection in constant speed applications. Soft starters control AC motors simply and efficiently for fixed-speed applications. Soft Starters have made a leap in drive startups from the tradition ATL methods, because they control the acceleration and deceleration of phases of operation.

Solution Module Options & Accessories  

  • Programmable Automation and Motion Control - PLC  and motion control
  • Communications - wide range of commonly-used Fieldbus and Ethernet-based networks
  • Feedback  - connection to a wide range of incremental and absolute encoders
  • Inputs and Outputs  - connection to various digital and analog I/O points
  • Operator Interfaces and HMI  - CTVue HMI
  • Drive Keypads & Storage Devices - Keypads and parameter storage devices

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