Control Techniques AC Drives

    Control Techniques AC Drives have shaped the history of drives and controls. It was among the first to offer an AC flux vector drive, and introduced the first digital DC drive, the first fully-integrated servo drive and the first universal AC and Servo drive - the Unidrive. These AC drives feature some of the lastest drive technology and continue to make new bounds in this area. They offer many series of drives that each offer specific features that are tailored to your application. At PICS we will help you select the AC drive that would be suited perfectly to your application.

      • The Commander C200/C300 AC drive includes models available from 0.33 to 200Hp.  This drive can be run in open loop Vector or V/Hz.
      • The Unidrive M700 is a high performance drive which can operate as an Open Loop Vector, Closed Loop Vector or servo drive.  Drives are available from 0.5 to 2900 HP.
      • A broad selection of solution modules and encoder interfaces enable rapid product development and application solutions.  Some eliminate the need for separate controllers.  Examples are:
        • High speed registration and indexing
        • PLC and extra I/O
        • SinCos encoder and resolver
        • Canopen and ethernet 

      Unidrive M Series

       Control Techniques newest AC drive family has seven models each designed to meet yourControl Techniques AC Drives application’s needs. Each model brings an increasing level of functionality made for your manufacturing application, sharing a common software foundation and range of common click-in optional modules. The Unidrive M is able to control standard induction, permanent magnet, servo and linear motors in open or closed loop configuration. The Unidrive M Series AC Drive options include:

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