Unidrive M700 AC Drive

Supports induction and servo permanent motor performance, and real-time Ethernet

  • Added onboard Ethernet, high performance control of dynamic permanent magnet servo motors and across the board position feedback.
  • Can be upgraded from existing Unidrive SP users

Integration with centralized control systems

  • Hardware implementation Ethernet IEEE 1588 V2
    maximizes synchronization accuracy
  • Easy connectivity is capable through the
    integrated dual port Ethernet switch
  • Three SI modules add position feedback, fieldbus
    and I/O communications

Shaft performance with any motor technology

  • Accepts a wide range of feedback devices from
    robust resolvers to high resolution encoders
  • Open and closed loop induction, synchronous reluctance and PM servo motors with up to 3,300 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth is controlled by the high bandwidth motor control algorithm.

Adjustable universal encoder port

  • Two universal encoder input channels
  • Standard incremental and SinCos encoders, also those with absolute commutation signals are supported
  • Encoders with up to 4mb rate and line compensation to back long cable lengths of up to 100m are supported
  • Resolver support in hostile environments

 M700 Ethernet - Real time Ethernet with the standard M700, both digital and analog I/O,
and Safe Torque Off(STO).

M701 Unidrive SP replacement– Matches Control Techniques Unidrive SP feature-set. Including RS485 communications, identical control connectors, analog and digital I/O, 1x STO, with Unidrive SP Smartcard parameter sets supported making upgrading to Unidrive M much simpler.

M702 Safety Amplified – The M700 has 2x STO, digital I/O and onboard real-time Ethernet. Helps with abiding by today’s
modern control and safety systems.

Common Applications - Position and Speed control for ratio and gearing control, web handling, flying shear, test stands, packing machines, textiles, tire manufacturing, and woodworking.

Unidrive M700 AC Drive Specifications

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