Vacon AC Drives

Vacon AC Drives

Vacon AC Drives

Vacon® AC drives from Danfoss Engineering are simple to set up and easy to use, and come in many different variants to fit your exact application. They come in models that can be power washed, for industries that require hygienic process lines, like the food and beverage industries. Other models are liquid cooled, and these are just some of the options that Vacon has to offer. Vacon AC drives are flexible, reliable, and powerful machines that can be used in many industrial processes. PICS will deliver these products, and will help you find the perfect drive for your application.

Vacon 20 series:

The Vacon 20 AC drive is great in that it has many possibilities and is packed with functionality. Economical and compact, with built-in PLC functionality the Vacon 20 is a cost saving device. Made to meet machine builders demands in an increasingly competitive market. The Vacon 20 Reduces downtime during installation with its easy access terminals, built-in DIN rail mountings and the MCA parameter copying tool.

  • Available in voltages from 100-600V
  • Power ranges up to 18.5Kw/25HP
  • Currents above 16A have a harmonic filtering choke
  • Can be connected to most fieldbus systems
  • Parameter copying tool runs without main power to the drive speeding up installation time
  • Full I/O option board setup

Common applications include pumps, fans, conveyer, processing, washing, and packaging machines.

Vacon X series:

The Vacon X series is meant to be installed where the work is happening. Extremely protective housing that can stand up to pressure washes
of 1,000 PSI, making it a great drive for the food and beverage industries where cleanliness is needed on a daily basis. Handles the most basic applications to your most demanding system-level controls.


  • NEMA 4x/IP66 Indoor and Outdoor use enclosures through 100HP; NEMA 12/IP55 for 125 HP and above
  • Thick injected foam and metal cover
  • ARCTIC mode keeps safe running temperatures in cold environments
  • Multi language display
  • Remote fieldbus communications, and I/O
  • Vacon X includes Dynamic breaking resistors Vacon X5:
  • Accepts option boards 
  • USB functions
  • Real time clock
  • Program Sequencer enhancements
  • Fully coated PC boards

Vacon X Series Specifications

Vacon 100 HVAC:

The Vacon 100 HVAC is quick and easy to install, efficient energy saving over the course of its lifetime makes it sound investment. All
necessary hardware is included as well as I/O and communication features, saving you more by cutting down on expensive components.

  • Ready to communicate with building management systems
  • Complies with the IEC61800-3-12 harmonics standard, IEC60721-3-3, IEC60068-2-60
  • More than 97% efficient
  • Easily removable fan that only runs when needed
  • Optional real time clock
  • Two PID controllers eliminate the need for an external one
  • Built in FireMode controller overrides faults and continuous maximum speed operation during a fire hazard in a building
  • Can be directly mounted to a HVAC system with a flange mounting kit

Vacon 100 Series Specifications

Vacon NX Family:Vacon Enhanced NXP Group Picture

The Vacon NX family can handle almost any type of job with a power range of 0.50-750HP, and supply voltages of 208-690V. The NX is for heavy use in machines, building, and all branches of industry.

  • Easy to use display panel
  • Start Up Wizard programming
  • All-in-one package
  • Water application package, high speed, etc…
  • High switching frequency
  • Five slots for control boards


  • Open closed loop vector control
  • Controls permanent magnet synchronous motors
  • Advanced apps for high speed
  • Automatic motor ID

Vacon NXC & NXP Specifications

Vacon NXC:

The Vacon NXC is a cabinet drive that boasts easy maintenance while still having the same capabilities of the NXP platform. Has a wide range of options that are meant to meet most requirements. There is also a NXC Regenerative Low-Harmonic Drive for applications where low harmonics are required or where energy is fed back to the mains.

  • Designed for simple and efficient maintenance
  • Long life time/ handles demanding environments
  • Accommodates Fused Input Disconnect, Output Filter or even a Cabinet Heater
  • Clean power with total current harmonics less than 5%
  • Regenerative function brings savings
  • Compact solution with a wide range of standard options available makes it easy to configure the drive

Vacon NXC & NXP Specifications
Vacon NXS Specifications

Vacon NXP Liquid Cooled:

Extremely compact and versatile the NXP Liquid Cooled is a high performance powerdrive well suited for locations where air cooling would
be difficult. Come in power ranges from 7.5kW to 5000kW (10HP to 6000HP) with supply voltages ranging from 380V to 690V. Ultimate efficiency greater than 98% the NXP Liquid Cooled is a sound investment.

  • Space savings up to 70%
  • Smaller enclosure footprint over air cooled solutions
  • Electrical energy savings between air cooled and liquid cooled drives
  • Power factor of 0.99 with Active Front-End
  • Proven technology, high-quality electrical components
  • Extensive and full power final testing on motor for whole drive system
  • High tolerance against environmental variations
  • Extensive operating conditions, temperatures up to 50°C without derating
  • High cooling efficiency

Vacon NXP Liquid Cooled Specifications

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