Tosibox Remote Operating Terminals Distributor

Tosibox's product lines of remote end device operating terminals allow customers an industrial router with a secure firewall. 


Benefits of IIoT networks include:

  • Remote control of networks
    Appliances in different locations can be remotely monitored, round-the-clock. A 24/7 service is crucial, enabling better response time and higher service levels.
  • Remote data collection
    IoT networks permit the collection of data which is then analyzed for various purposes, such as product development, optimization of plant operations, including inventory management and quality.
  • Remote access
    IoT networks enable the prediction of equipment breakdowns and remote maintenance.


All data collecting sensors, manufacturing equipment, machinery, as well as control systems and human-machine interfaces (HMI) are connected to an automation system, which is the soul of the IIoT network.

TOSIBOX® brings several benefits to modern industrial automation systems:

  • Standard deployment
    With TOSIBOX®, you can use the same network configuration each and every time instead of spending hours fixing separate network properties for every location. The configuration can be automated so that the whole deployment takes place in only 15 seconds.
  • IT/OT convergence solved
    With TOSIBOX® you can safely connect the network of devices – which is separate from the IP network – to your own corporate IT network.
  • Easy access group management
    You can easily grant various levels of access to own technicians, subcontractors or customers outside your network, simply by drag and drop.
  • Maximum operating time
    TOSIBOX® provides and secures not only a remote connection for collecting data but also for remote maintenance of equipment. This allows you to remotely fix issues based on the collected data.


TOSIBOX® is compatible with all industrial automation brands and providers in the market. The TOSIBOX® network transmits any form of data, regardless of the protocol.

TOSIBOX Lock for Container

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is a software for connecting your IPCs, HMIs, PLCs, controllers and other industrial IoT devices to your TOSIBOX® network. It serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections.


TOSIBOX® Lock 500

TOSIBOX® Lock 500 is a high-end connectivity device bringing unprecedented possibilities for customers to manage their operations and to build new IoT solutions. The Lock 500 is ideal for demanding industrial environments and opens up new opportunities in security and office networking sectors.



TOSIBOX® SoftKey is a computer software that works without a physical TOSIBOX® Key device. The SoftKey corresponds to a Sub Key that is controlled via a physical Master Key.


TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock

TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock is the hub for your TOSIBOX® VPN connections. It allows connections from Locks, Keys or Mobile Clients, scaling easily from just a few ones up to hundreds or thousands.


TOSIBOX® Lock 100

TOSIBOX® Lock is an intelligent remote access and networking device that serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections.


TOSIBOX® Lock 150

TOSIBOX® Lock 150 is an industrial router with firewall and secure Plug & Go™ connectivity. It serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections.


TOSIBOX® Lock 200

TOSIBOX® Lock is an intelligent remote access and networking device that serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections.


TOSIBOX® Central Lock

Remote access for enterprise. With TOSIBOX® Central Lock, it’s never been faster or easier to create, manage and scale secure remote connections to your entire fleet of machines and devices.



TOSIBOX® Key is an intelligent cryptoprocessing device that enables a secure connection between your computer and one or more TOSIBOX® Locks, giving you full visibility and control over the network devices connected to the Lock. The Key is fully compatible with all existing TOSIBOX® products.


TOSIBOX® Mobile Client

TOSIBOX® Mobile Client extends the current TOSIBOX® solution, giving you secure and easy remote access on the go. The application is available for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.


TOSIBOX Accessories

Modems, antennas, serial / PROFIBUS adapters , Serial adapters and DIN mounting hardware.


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