Unidrive M400 AC Drive

Real-text display.

  • Machine up-time is increased with a superior LCD keypad
  • LCD keypad offers a multi language real-text
    display that speeds set-up time and enhances diagnostics
  • Upgrading from Commander SK is made simple with
  • Integrated CODESYS based PLC

M400 benefits include

  • Dual STO for integration with safety systems, cuts down on external components.
  • Optional RS485 and a vast range of fieldbus communication SI modules permit diagnostics and remote control across different networks.
  • I/O is configurable to accept a frequency or encoder.

Added efficiency

  • Compact size, one of the smallest in class
  • Minimal energy standby mode
  • Few losses of productivity 98% efficiency

Common Applications - Controlled speed for positive displacement
pumps, woodworking, material transport, and cutting. Used where quick diagnostics are required.

Unidrive M400 AC Drive Specifications

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