Inductive Proximity Sensors

At PICS, Inc., we know inductive proximity sensors, also called proximity switches,  are some of the most widely-used sensors in the automation industry today. Using electromagnetic induction, these sensors facilitate process control by detecting the presence and accurate positioning of metal objects. An inductive proximity sensor uses a magnetic field generated by the electrical current they emit to detect metal without physica contact, their lack of mechanical parts results in them having a long life of both functionality and reliability. We stock sensors from the world’s largest manufacturers, including Baumer and Turck proximity switches and sensors that have adjustable nominal ranges, allowing you to customize the maximum distance detected.

Is there a difference between a Proximity Sensor and a Proximity Switch? 

Proximity switches differ slightly from an inductive proximity sensor, because instead of a simple detection switches commonly use infrared light to detect an object that reflects the light, opening or closing an electrical circuit.

Benefits of using Inductive Proximity Sensors

  • Contactless operation
  • Highly accurate
  • Highly repeatable
  • Specialized measurement capability

Applications of Inductive Proximity Sensor 

Inductive proximity sensors and switches are used in a wide array of automated industrial processes. Since the sensor requires no contact between the metal it is detecting and itself, its application is especially beneficial where there is limited access or where there is an abundance of dirt or other debris. Contact the knowledgeable associates at PICS, Inc. by clicking below to request a quote and allow us to help you find the best product on the market for your company’s needs.


Baumer Electric is a premier manufacturer of proximity sensors. One of the industries widest selection of styles and outputs. View More

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