Crouzet Limit Switches Distributor

PICS is a distributor of Crouzet limit switches. These switches activate by motion or the presence of an object, such as a machine part, obstacle, etc., and are used in automation applications where rugged reliability is necessary. The line of limit switches offered by Crouzet includes various types of actuators, including roller levers, plungers, and roller plungers. These actuators are activated by contact with another object, such as a barrier or a moving part in a machine.

For instance, a bay door opener makes use of a snap-action limit switch to control when the door stops opening or closing. When the actuator makes contact with a barrier in the opener, it compresses or moves, operating contacts within the system to activate the switch that turns the motor off.

Limit Switches Applications & Industries

Crouzet’s limit switches can be used as part of control relays or as an input into a PLC, providing safe, reliable actuation within your automated system. Common applications include:

  • Mechanical relay triggers
  • Valves and pumps
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Motor contactor
  • PLC systems
  • Safety interlocks
  • Counting objects
  • Heavy transportation

These applications benefit the following industries:

  • Transportation and railway
  • Construction
  • Plants and foundries
  • Industrial machinery and automation
  • Energy

To see how your industry can benefit from Crouzet limit switches in your operations, contact PICS today.

Limit Switches Features

Crouzet combines innovation and extensive industry experience to provide the best products to their users, and our customers benefit highly from the solid construction and reliable operation of their limit switches. The features these devices include are:

  • IP66/67 metal casing
  • Snap-action
  • Highly precise design and actuation
  • Reduced pre-travel on certain models
  • cUL or UL approval
  • Current rating of 10A
  • Four-terminal double break form Zb contact elements on some models
  • Positive opening NC contacts
  • Cable or pin mounted models available

PICS can use Crouzet limit switches within a customized industrial automation system. For more information on how we can implement this technology into your operations, call us today.

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