Panasonic Photoelectric Sensors & Safety Light Curtains

Panasonic sensors solve the toughest applications in industry.  Their photo electric sensors are available in the following market segments:

  1. Area Sensors – for part detection or to order a pick and place process.  These sensors are designed similar a light curtain however they detect presence or absence.
  2. Color Mark Sensor – Extremely high speed sensors that can determine a color shade by RGB light emitting diodes.  They can provide end users with the assurance of a repeatable color in printing or color dependant processes.  Also as an added feature these sensors provide registration marking feature
  3. Optical Touch Sensors – These sensors are utilized for two hand control applications where operator safety is of supreme importance.
  4. Safety Light Curtains – Panasonic offers a complete line of safety light curtains with built-in muting for Type 2 and 4 applications.  10mm ,20mm or 40mm beam pitch covers all applications that industry faces
  5. Semiconductor Sensors – These sensors are designed with a small profile and highly repeatability.  They help with wafer alignment, positioning and chemical resistance of harsh semiconductor environments.

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