Panasonic Fiber Optic Sensor Heads

Panasonic line of fiber optic sensors and sensor heads offer stable detection for almost any application including hazardous locations.  With over 200 fiber optic sensor heads to choose from, you are covered from every angle whether you need long distance, high temperature or a limited amount of space.  They have multiple fiber amplifiers and one will be exactly what you need.

New Improved Fiber: Panasonic fiber optic sensors feature a tough fiber that is better than all previous versions. Older style fibers have a multiple fiber core that affects light intensity. The new fiber is now a single core that can create a uniform light intensity, even when the fiber is bent it has no effect on the accuracy of the sensor.

  • FX-100 - Low cost, dual display suitable of OEM machinery
  • FX-300 – High performance operation and speed for precise applications
  • FX-400 – Manually adjustable potentiometer with dual digital display for quick and easy set-up
  • FX-410- Incident light intensity and threshold value are displayed together.
  • FX-500 – High performance, dual display amplifier for your most demanding applications. FX-500- Features a HYPR mode that increases sensing range 5.7x the previous sensor.

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