Baumer Fiber Optic Sensor Systems

As part of our mission to provide state of the art instruments to our customers, PICS, Inc. is proud to carry Baumer Electric’s comprehensive line of plastic fiber optic sensors. These sensors are ideal for operating under and withstanding harsh and severe conditions like extreme heat, dense moisture, rapid vibration, high noise and corrosive environments. Baumer plastic fiber optic sensors are available in sizes designed to fit in limited spaces. The implementation of plastic instead of glass allows for a bending radii of 1 millimeter in the optical fibers, making these fiber optic sensors optimal for precise positioning when flexibility is needed.

Baumer plastic fiber optic sensors are valuable in a variety of applications:

  • Simple object detection - fiber optics can sense very tiny objects, as small as 0.1 millimeter
  • Coaxial – optimally suited for positioning tasks
  • Side light exit
  • An array of object measurement - sizes or edge positions
  • Robotic control – an example of a situation where flexibility is paramount
  • Small light spot
  • Level detection – liquid level detection both in or out of contact

According to your application, fiber optic sensors can be configured in thru-beam orientation, intensity difference or analog output. We at PICS, Inc., are dedicated to customer service and will respond promptly to any inquiry. Contact us below.

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