Baumer Absolute & Incremental Encoder

Baumer Electric is the world’s largest encoder manufacturer.  They serve as your competent and reliable partner for the detection of rotational and linear movements.  Their offering includes miniature encoders to intelligent positioning drives.  A pletherer of serial bus options are also a staple of their designs.  Baumer offers rugged and reliable encoders to stand up to some of the most extreme environmental conditions.  Some of their wide range of precision solutions for positioning and speed angle measurement is as follows:

  • Incremental and Sine Encoders

Baumer incremental encoders are for detecting relative position shifts.  Incremental encoders are intended for relative position sensing based on reference point by counting the measured steps.  They offer both optical and magnetic incremental solutions.

  • Absolute Encoders

Baumer absolute encoders are available in both a single turn and multi-turn variation.  Absolute encoders know their position since they operate without a time-consuming reference cycle.  Therefore even if power is switched off, these devices know where they are on power up due to unique ability to retain relative position.  These encoders are available with the following output options:

  1. Parallel Interface
  2. Serial SSI
  3. CANopen
  4. DeviceNet
  5. ProfiBUS
  6. EtherCAT
  7. SSI
  8. LightBUS
  9. InterBus
  • Magnetic Sensors

These sensors are designed to detect movements of a magnetic pole wheel or a magnetic material to determine position.  These robust designs are bearingless and can offer up to an IP67 environmental resistance. Contact us for more information on our baumer encoders.

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