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Encoder Products Company Inc. is an industry leader in design of motion sensing products. They produce both incremental and absolute shaft encoders.  Encoder Products offer four solution groups to satisfy all of your positioning needs including:

  • Encoder Motion SensorIncremental Thru-Bore & Motor Mount Encoders
  • Incremental Shaft Encoders
  • Absolute Encoders
  • Linear Solutions Encoders

Incremental encoders can provide a once-per-revolution pulse (often called index, marker or reference) that occurs at the same spot of the encoder shaft revolution.  Incremental encoders are available in two basic output types, single channel and quadrature.  A single channel encoder often called a tachometer, is normally used in systems that rotate in a single direction and requires simple position and velocity information.  Quadrature encoders have dual channels (A and B), phased 90 electrical degrees apart.  These two output signals determine the direction or rotation by detecting the leading or lagging signal in their phase relationship.  Quadrature encoders provide very high speed bidirectional information for very complex motion control applications.

Tru-Trac encoders are perfect for linear applications and can be mounted above or below the moving object.  A spring loaded torsion arm allows the tension on the wheel to be adjusted, so the measurement can be obtained for a variety of different surfaces.

Model LCE encoders are a cost effective linear solution up to 50”.

Popular Encoder Models

Model 15T Thru-Bore or Model 15H Hollow Bore

The Model 15 offers high performance feedback in a small package that provides reliable and stable operation. The Model 15 uses an
integral bearing set, with an innovative flexible mounting system that is more durable for axial misalignment or radial shaft run-out. Reliable and stable operation is the Model 15’s purpose. Flex mounts allow for 20 or 30 degrees of rotational adjustment


  • High performance encoder
  • Economical profile
  • Thru-Bore
  • Flex mounting system
  • 12 Pole commutation optional

Applications include servo motor control, specialty assembly machines, digital plotters, robotics, and high power motors.

Model 260

The Model 260 is great for many machine and motor applications because of its larger bore and low profile build. These encoders attach reliably with EPC’s innovative anti-backlash mounting system.


  • Economical profile
  • Up to 12 pole commutation
  • Thru-Bore or Hollow-Bore
  • Reliable mounting system
  • Opto-ASIC technology
  • CE making available

Applications include brushless servo motor commutation, robotics, motor-mounted feedback, assembly machines, digital plotter, and high power motors.

Model 25T Thru-Bore or Hollow-Bore

The Model 25T has an innovative high performance design that has the largest Thru-Bore available for its low profile design. Features EPC’s Opto-ASIC sensor which provides superior precision counts and accuracy.


  • 2.5” Opto-ASIC Encoder with a low profile
  • 2.0” to 3.5” encoders are replaceable with this device
  • Resolutions to 10,000 CPR
  • Flexible mounting options
  • RoHS compliant

Applications include motor-mounted feedback, vector control, specialty machines, robotics, web process control, paper and printing, and high
power motors.

Model 711

The Model 711 is the industries original standard cube encoder. Most programmable controllers, electronic counter, motion controllers, and motor drives are compatible with this encoder.


  • The original industry-standard cube
  • Five versatile housing styles
  • Thousands of configurations
  • New resolutions available to 10,000

Applications include feedback for counters, PLC’s & motors, filling & materials handling machines, wire winding, film extrusion, and measuring for packaging.

Model 15S

The Model 15s is ideal for commercial and light-duty industrial applications that require a high performance feedback solution. Has a precision bearing set with a durable stainless steel shaft, and a selection of face mount items.


  • High performance economical encoder
  • Low profile
  • Temperature ranges can be extended
  • Up to 12 pole commutation optional

Applications include servo motor control, medical diagnostic equipment, printers, robotics, digital plotters, typesetting equipment, and assembly machines.

Model 725

The Model 725 is designed to be tough enough to handle the challenges of an industrial environment. The housing features a isolated internal encoder unit that protects it from severe axial and radial shaft loading.


  • Stand size 25 package
  • Up to 30,000 CPR
  • Standard and industrial housings
  • Servo and flange mounting
  • IP66 sealing available

Applications include conveyers, motion control feedback, textile machines, material handling, elevator controls, machine control, food processing, process control, and robotics.

Model TR1

The Model TR1 is a spring loaded measuring wheel assembly integrated with an encoder in one easy to use compact unit. Great solution for tracking velocity, position, or distance over many different surfaces in any orientation you put your TR1 in, even upside down.


  • Encoder and measuring wheel solution in one unit
  • Spring loaded torsion make wheel pressure adjustment quick and painless
  • Operates over a variety of surfaces
  • Reduces cost with its simplified design

Applications include web tension control, document handling, labeling, paper monitoring, linear material monitoring, glue dispensing, printing, and conveyer systems.

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