Baumer Laser Distance Sensors

Baumer Electric offers the largest and most complete range of laser sensors for a wide array of applications including the following:

Laser Distance Sensors

The OADM family is a range of laser distance sensors with products covering a measuring range from 16 to 1000mm.  Their compact size with integrated microcontrollers offer an accurate output signal proportional to the measured distance.  Rough surfaces can be reliably measure by either using a fine light dot or a laser line.

Laser Range Difference Sensors

This patented function provides the user with new and innovative solutions to detect objects, monitoring of tolerances or the comparison of object sizes and object positions.  Utilize difference sensors for the following applications:

  • Step Analysis
  • Window Analysis
  • Tolerance Analysis
  • Min/Max Analysis
  • 2-point comparisons 

Laser Diffuse Sensors with Background Suppression

These sensors utilize triangulation not only to measure the light intensity reflected by the target but also determine the distance of the object to the sensor.

Laser Diffuse Sensors with Intensity Difference

These sensors utilize diffuse light reflected back to the receiver from the emitter.  If the target object reflects sufficiently well, their received light causes the sensor to switch its output.

Laser Copy Count Sensors

These sensors were specifically designed for non-contact counting of overlapping paper sheets or newspapers however other opportunities opened up to other shingled products.  The patented optical principle permits objects to be detected regardless of their color and surface makeup.

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