Murr Power Supply Units

Murr Power SuppliesMurr offers a complete line of galvanic isolated power supplies.  The power supplies are built with either top or side mount rectifiers and electronics.  This both protects the electronics and enables the units to meet tough protection requirements. All power supplies are fitted with angle fixing brackets and key holes to aid in mounting.  In applications of 4A or less, it is recommended to use primary switching units.  Additional advantages of rectified power supplies:

  • High reliability
  • High life expectancy
  • Less disturbing potential

The latest Murr power supply offering includes models from 0.5-10Amps.  The latest MTPS power supplies features a double status indicator that shows the presence of primary (AC) power and the secondary DC voltage.  The current lineup can accept 230 and 400VAC primary side voltages.  In addition to the bent angle screw plate, the MTPS power supplies offer DIN rail mounting.  These power supplies come both in a single phase and three phase configuration for most industrial applications.

MICO – The MICO has been engineered to provide target-oriented protection, errors are also quickly found even while the device’s and systems’ availability remains high. The MICO allows dividing incoming DC power into 4 branches. The MICO controls the maximum load of each branch and shuts off in case of over current. The MICO does not need multiple power supplies or separate power supplies for the HMI or the PLC.

  • Monitors Current: Available selection of a maximum, individual current value for each channel
  • Indication when nearing the maximum load
  • Stress detection
  • The MICO is universal for all standard current ranges

 MICO FUSE – The MICO FUSE features eight sockets for glass tube fuses that can be accessed from the front and protects all channels.

MB Redundancy Balance

This device offers maximum machine availability, and is designed with redundancy using separate units. Increased machine availability
is key in the success of your industrial process.

  • 50:50 Auto Balancing Is Ensured
  • Each Input Has Signal Contact
  • Channel-specific status indication with LEDS
  • Low power loss, 87% less than conventional diode modules

MB Cap Ultra

Offers great reliability and stability in power supply systems. Can save precious time when voltage fluctuations occur, which could lead to programs being lost or the machine being damaged. This device buffers power supplied to the system preventing voltage fluctuations.

  • Prevents Voltage Fluctuations
  • Buffers a load current of 40A at a nominal current of 24V DC for 3.6 seconds
  • Highest system availability possible
  • Extremely Cost-Effective


This device offers a power supply system with maximum efficiency. Its rating is up to 95%, cutting power loss ratings in half compared to other 90% efficiency models. Longer lifetime due to less the fact that it loses less power decreasing the heat released by the device. 

  • Supports Startup
  • Optimizes Overload Behavior (100% nominal current or 150% in power boost mode)
  • Many Different Models (Output Voltages of 12V, 24V, 48V)

Evolution Power Supply

The evolution has a space saving design that is powerful and efficient. Cooling fins are part of the housing allowing for increased dissipation. Also the temperature range of the power supply is -25C to 70C without malfunctioning. A new output voltage range from 12 to 13.5V DC is available on top to the 22 to 28V DC output range which gives the device some added flexibility.

  • Many available power classes from 5 to 40A
  • Voltage input range from 3 x 324 to 520V AC or 480 to 745V DC
  • Extra power function allowing for 50% more power for four seconds
  • cCSAus approval
  • GL approval on some models allowing for shipbuilding applications

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