Tubular Process & Immersion Heaters

Industrial tubular process heaters are designed for the purposes of direct immersion.  Most applications call for either a screw plug immersion heaters or a flanged immersion heater.

Immersion Heater Options:

  • Screw plug immersion heater - consists of tubular elements welded to a threaded screw plug.
  • Flanged immersion heater - are designed for heating tanks or pressurized vessels to heat both liquid or gasses
  • Tubular Circulation heater - self contained heating vessel containing either a screw plug or flanged immersion heater as it's source for heat.  They can be utilized for either liquids or gases.
  • Tubular Duct heater - Process duct air heaters are used for controlling forced air temperature for a variety of applications
  • Tubular Tank Immersion heaters - Used on open top tanks, provided with our without thermostat controls
  • Electrically Heated Hose Assemblies - Used to transfer heat to non-explosive liquids or gases. 

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