Crouzet Relays Technologies

Crouzet relays allow you to manipulate signals and circuits within your industrial automation system, essentially employing a smaller current to operate equipment that utilizes a much heavier load. This technology can be used for the following applications:

  • Instrumentation
  • Motor control
  • Security
  • Equipment control
  • Emergency shutoff or activation
  • Lighting

Crouzet Replays Industries

Relays use an electromagnet to open or close a switch to activate/deactivate a higher-voltage circuit. This makes them valuable for automated processes, making your operations safer and more efficient. Crouzet relays can be used in numerous industries where quality equipment and efficient automation are key. These include:

  • Packaging
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • OEM specialty machines
  • Construction
  • Energy

Crouzet Relay Technologies

As a distributor of Crouzet products, PICS, Inc. offers some of the finest, most reliable relay equipment on the market. The technologies we offer include:

  • Control relays: Control relays utilize a low-current circuit to activate a switch, enabling them to control higher-current equipment.
  • Time delay relays: Rather than triggering a switch immediately, time-delay relays delay actuation of the switch by a certain amount of time. These can be useful in starting up a motor slowly enough to save energy or to precisely time automated functions within a system.
  • Temperature relays and counters: Temperature monitoring relays track the temperature of substances or apparatuses, triggering a switch when the temperature exceeds or falls below a certain point.
  • Syrelec timers and control relays: Syrelec brand timers and relays, now under the name of Syr-line, have long been known for their quality. These products are specialized to the individual requirements of your industry, and include liquid level controls, alternating relays, Q and S timers, current monitoring relays, and various other controls.
  • Pneumatic product range: For automated systems that rely on compressed air rather than electricity for their operation, there’s the line of pneumatic products offered by Crouzet. These products include pressure switches, amplifiers, position detectors, logic components, valves, and other pneumatic components.

For more information on implementing Crouzet relays in your automated operations, contact PICS Controls today.


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