KB DC Drives

KB Electronics manufacturer SCR and PWM DC motor speed controls.  Drive types include regenerative, brushless and DC-to-DC.  Numerous accessories for mounting, interfacing or specific applications are standard.

SCR DC Chassis Controls

  • KBIC – The KBIC controls permanent magnet (PM), Shunt and AC/DCKB DC Drives motors.  It will support motors from 1/100th to 3HP.  An onboard field mountable Horsepower Resistor allows peak performance while limiting the current to protect the motor.  Speed ranges have a turndown capability of 50-1 with load regulation to 1%.  On board trim pots allow for adjustments to MIN Speed, Max Speed, Acceleration, IR and CL.  Optional accessories include heat sinks, DC isolation boards, and I/O boards and fuse kits.
  • KBMM – The KBMM is similar to the KBIC however it offers a number ofKB DC Drives performance upgrades.  The Direct-Fed current limit feature protects the drive against direct shorts and prevents demagnetization of PM motors.  Also included is 25 Amp fusing available for both line and armature leads. 
  • KBMG – The KBMG is a SCR Regenerative Reversing Chassis ControllerKB DC Drives capable of both PM or Shunt motors in a bidirectional mode. This 4 quadrant DC chassis controller provides users with forward and reverse torque mode.  The controller is jumper selectable regenerative to stop or coast to stop operation.  Over speed protection provides safe operation in extreme overhaul conditions.

 PWM DC Chassis Controls

  • KBWD – The KBWD is a low cost alternative for Pulse-Width-ModulationKB DC Drives (PWM) control scenarios.  Standard features include short circuit protection, under voltage protection.  These units also offer field mountable Horsepower Resistor allows peak performance while limiting the current to protect the motor.  An onboard 0-5VDC isolated analog signal input comes standard with these units. 
  • KBWS – The KBWS is the standard in PWM controllers offered by KBKB DC Drives Electronics.  You can operate both a PWM and SCR rated PM motor utilizing this one solution.  Motor ranges which are supported range from 1/50th to 1-1/2HP.  Built in isolation for all inputs is factory standard for this unit.

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