Turck Pressure Transmitter & Transducers

Turck is pressure measurement pioneer. Turck offers a broad range of custom instrumentation solutions. They currently manufacture pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, and flow transmitters. Their vast offerering of products offer a measurement solutions for most applications.

Pressure Transmitters & DisplaysTurck pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitters from Turck offer both relative or absolute pressure ranges.  An integral display offers customers the ability to change it to their unique engineering unit.  Outputs include both 2 & 3 wire analog current or voltage.  Some units also offer up to 2 seperate switched outputs.  A wide range of pressure include vacuum to 7500 psig. The PC series offer IO-Link forms of communication.

Temperature Transmitters & Displays

Temperature transmitters from Turck are offered with and without IO-Link communication.  These 100 ohm PT100 sensors can be offered with an integral display that offers 2 seperate switched outputs.

Flow Transmitters & Displays

Flow sensors from Turck offer two forms to monitor, in-line or insertion.  These sensors offer a calometric design.

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