Unidrive M100 AC Drive

The Control Techniques  Unidrive M100 is an economy drive for open loop applications

This compact open loop ac drive delivers an economical open loop drive for general manufacturing applications.

Quick & Easy Installation

  • LED keypad features a bright and clear display
  • Common parameters are listed on front of drive
  • All features are practical

Added Efficiency

  • Compact size, one of the smallest in its class
  • Minimal energy standby mode
  • Few losses of power 98% efficiency

The M100 has a tough design for manufacturing environments. Tested through many environmental and certification processes, the M100 holds up.

Common Applications

The M100 AC Drive is commonly used for frequency control for fans, pumps, conveyers, and mixers.

M101 AC Drive

PICS also carries the M101 variant, which has a speed potentiometer keypad to enhance customer customization and easy usage.

Unidrive M100 AC Drive Specifications

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