Unidrive M800 AC Drive

Extreme performance through superior onboard motion control, the Unidrive M800 is capable of controlling the entire machine

  • Added second micro processor for high
    performance CODESYS based machine control
  • Offers the most powerful motion controller of its series, high speed digital I/O, real time drive to drive synchronization,
    and incorporated safety features, reducing the need to buy external components.

More Unidrive M800 benefits

  • Networked, onboard automation, and motion control allow the M800 to perform at maximum productivity
  • The MCi co-processer is capable of many different functions including controlling the overall machine, click in modules
    that can be added for multi-processising, and a comprehensive library of drive and machine control applications and function blocks that aid in productivity.

Ethernet communications

  • IEEE 1588 V2 allows integration with external I/O, dual port switch, maximum synchronization accuracy, and control of
    non-intelligent drives

Shaft performance for any motor technology

  • Servo control up to 3,300 Hz current loop bandwidth and 250 Hz speed loop bandwidth
  • Three channel encoder port that accepts many different feedback devices.

Meeting machine safety requirements

  • Dual STO eliminates the need for external
    components, and integrates with safety systems
  • Meets the IEC 61800-5-2 functional safety
  • STO, Safe Stop 1 and 2, Safe Limited Speed, Safe
    Limited Position etc.

Common applications - Onboard application software for gearing and ratio control, rotary knife, winding, web handling, metal cutting, packaging machines, textiles, woodworking, printing, test stands, and tire manufacturing

M810- Offers dual Ethernet networking, and enhanced program memory

Unidrive M800 AC Drive Specifications

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