Red Lion Signal Conditioning Module Distributor

Red Lion is a trusted source for signal conditioning modules. Their complete offering ensures that you will be able to handle most process signals directly into your controller.  Whether you're converting or isolating a signal Red Lion has Base mount or DIN mount converters featuring minimal drift and a microprocessor field configurable unit for you.

Standard inputs include the following:

  • Frequency Inputs
  • mA DC, VDC, Thermocouple or RTD Inputs
  • 3-Way Isolation of Analog Input Signals
  • Voltage/Current to Frequency Converter
  • 0(4)-20mA Loop powered Isolator
  • Temperature Inputs

Red Lion's Process Input Models


  • Process, universal input, VDC, mA DC, TC, 100
  • Universal power supply
  • Choose analog output and/or setpoint models
  • Display Module
  • Programming available in seven different languages


  • 3-Way isolation of analog signals
  • Switch selectable inputs and outputs
  • 18 to 30 VDC powered
  • 100 different input and output combinations


  • 19 to 30 VDC power
  • Slim design
  • Current/voltage to frequency converter
  • 3-way isolation of input/ output signals
  • Universal Conversion Module


  • 0 to 20 mA passive loop powered isolator
  • Provides input/output isolation


  • 3-Way Isolation
  • Inputs and Outputs are switch selectable
  • Input and Output 100 combinations
  • 11 to 36VDC powered


  • 3-way isolation of analog signals
  • Conversion module is universal
  • Input and Output analog conversion combinations 
  • Slim design
  • 19 to 30 VDC power

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